Food in the workplace


Good food and drink at work, makes for happy employees!

There are lots of benefits to providing your employees a workplace food solution. It can make up for that breakfast they didn’t have time for or the lunchbox they (perhaps intentionally…) left at home. It can provide them with a lift when they’re tired in the afternoon, or the chance for a spontaneous ice cream in the springtime sun or maybe a bag of nuts before that lunchtime training session. The truth is there are major benefits every time someone opens the fridge door!

The Convini solution in 3 easy steps


You choose

Do you need a large or a small Convini store? We listen to your needs and tailor the right solution for you.


We install and restock

Our skilled technicians handle everything and install the store exactly where you want it. You will be assigned a dedicated Convini Store Manager who will top up your store as often as needed.


You shop

Purchasing products is easy - use the Convini app or card with payment in arrears. 

Something for everyone – at any time of the day

We strive to provide a selection that lets everyone find their favourites, whether it’s time for breakfast – or time for some overtime.


Food in all shapes and sizes

  • Wide selection of meals from breakfast to lunch and snacks

  • Your favourite brands and exciting new offerings

  • Something for everyone

  • Ability to tailor the contents to your needs

  • Accessible and good value for money

  • Fast restocking

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